Sunday, 22 May 2011

Ghostly goings on from Titan

So, this is my first post on my first blog. Woooo!
Well hello to all of you adventurous peoples who like to check out new blogs.

Now, im an Imperial Fists player first and foremost, with a bit of dabbling with the Fleash Tearers when I get bored of all the yellow. But for my first post I thought I would treat you all to something that I have just finished work on.

Let me introduce you to Grand Master Mordrak and his long dead brethren!

Sometimes I just like to paint something different and try out some new techniques and stuff so this time it was the turn of the Grey Knights as I was inspired by the Special character Mordrak. He has awesome rules and fluff and I think anyone playing Grey Knights should defianately give him and his ghosts a look.
The main colour for the ghosts I used is GW Ice Blue with a few washes and dry brush here and there with Mordrak himself painted like a normal Grey Knight.

Anyway thank you for reading my first post, hopefully ill be keeping this up to date at least weekly. Please do comments, any CC is appreciated.

Oh and now ive painted these lil dudes they need to go as ive no room to store too much stuff so please check them out on ebay!