Monday, 11 July 2011

THE NAKED RHINO!! (or, oops im late to pick up the missus!!)

WELCOME WIN FANS!! (Yes, Both of you!!)
My Fleshtearers have a new addition this week!!

I present to you, the naked Rhino!!

But this naked little beauty has some hidden tricks, for one, she can dress in fancy Fleshtearer Livery, like so!!

I hand painted the symbols on, well, not the little blood angel ones that come with the kit, i just added spikey bits to them.

Also, naked rhino can wear an interesting looking hat...

And can also sport such accessories as the latest in anti personnel weaponry, ideal for those party nights out in the grim darkness of the 41st millennium!!

The side sponson weapons have to share the cover that you see here with the wing on. This is easily swapped over as they were not glued on. I blue tacked them instead!! ha ha simple solutions. Bet you thought i was going to say magnets!!

Also, for those times when you simply need to burn something, we can go flamer pred instead!!

So the Main guns are magnetised to the front of the turret under the (not glued in place) weapon cover (bit with golden wings on) the rear ammo hoppers are magnetised to the back of the turret.
The top armour plate and rhino top hatch doors are not glued or magnetised as gravity does a good enough job here. (well done gravity!) Side sponsons and side doors are magnetised to the inner door using bits of sprue as spacers so the magnets can get contact. The side guns are not actually magnetised to the sponsons as they just click in and out of place easily anyway. 

I love this tank, a bit of forward planning when constructing it and painting it as it was built has made the job so much easy and a good finish if I say so my self. 

The paint job is typical of my Fleshteaers, a bright red spray with a couple of not carefully applied washes of purple give them a dark, dirty, been at war with out break. kinda feel to them. Which is how i see them. Brutal.

I tried to go for a bit of a lighting effect inside, with the cabin lit up from the glow of the control pad. Its quite quick to do and since i could be taking it apart in front of people i didnt want a horrible naked interior ruining my pretty tank!!

Here is a quick guide to painting the fleshtearer symbol, i dont claim to be the best painter but if it helps someone then job done!!

I painted the wholeof the middle of the doors white, then used a terminator base to mask off an area and painted round it black

Then i used a normal base to mask off what was going to be the round bit (pic1)

Then i painted 4 black lines at the compass points, then 2 more between each point.

Pint diagonal lines between the top of each line to the bottom of the previous one, make sure they all go one direction!!

Making sure they are all going the right way, paint in the top half of the sections in the background colour. In this case balck.

And you end up with the buzzsaw.
Now mark out a up side down cross and use this as a reference point for the blood drop.

Jobs a goodun!!!

Now, i wonder if you can use these magnetised assault cannons on a razorback................


  1. Excellent work man, gotta love choices.

  2. Great work as always! Putting the rest of us to shame!