Monday, 4 July 2011

WIP No More!!


HE is finished!!

After a couple of weeks grabbing painting time here and there ive finished mr Chaplain Dread. Otherwise known as Brother Dominius. Ive labored on about his weapons and magnetisations in previous posts so I shall just let you enjoy the photos.

A pic angled so you can see his Seismic Hammer, to be honest im not completely happy with it. I tried to make it look like the Forgeworld one cos i think the GW on looks weird but its not come off great. Ideally ill redo it and make it look a bit more actually hammery!!

And from the front.  Whats that I hear you say, you thought it was gonna be non chapter specific and theres a dirty great yellow banner on top? Well, your correct, but we have no problems here at Win, only solutions...

And the solutions are normally MAGNETS!! I magnetised the banner base so that he could fit in with whatever army. And also so that my opponent would know if he was facing a Furioso like above.

Or a Death Company dread like this one!! Note also that the right hand is magnetised and now sports a tasty Blood Fist/Talon. Happy days!!

A special mention to Sonic (of GW Necron Tomb Stalker fame) for allowing me to have a Crimson Wing Plague Marine on the base. Happy Smiley!

Just another quicky, played against Rob and his brand new Orks from Da red ones go fasta.

The pic below shows my thin yellow line crumpling before his green and red tide on turn 3 i think. He eventually tabled me in turn 5 and won 10VP to 6VP. A brutal combat lasting for about 3 turns involving Lysander full tactiacal squad and 8 van guard against a warboss and loads of Nobz was the highlight, after fluffing 3 rounds of combat lysander got his act together and killed the warboss but by then the rest of the marines were dead and more orks and another warboss came up behind him. Squish. Oh lysanders dead, AGAIN!!

Brilliant game though.
Now, off to play with a can of red spray paint....

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