Sunday, 26 June 2011

Warning - Chaplain in Progress!!

Good day Cans of Win fans!!

As I said last week im now working on a forgeworld Chaplain Dreaddy.

Now, I want to use this guy with both my Imperial Fists and Fleshtearers, so ive had to be a little bit creative with load out, construction and painting.

The Vanilla Ironclad, which it will be in my fists, has one Powerfist and a Seismic Hammer, or if I want to use it as a Venerable then a heavy weapon. where as the Furioso or Death Company Dread have 2 Power Fists or Talons. How do we do this, Im sure you know the answer, MAGNETS!!! (I love em)

Now all the different dreads have the option to swap out the storm bolter for a heavy flamer, and i intend for this guy to spend a lot of time close to the enemy. Also all the dreads hve one Power Fist, so the weapon load out for the left arm was set. 

Right arm is where all the mods have been made. The Ironclad, and Fleshtearers all come with a melta gun, but the venerable wouldnt. Som the right arm needed to be magnetised and the fist also needed to be set to receive either a fist or Seismic hammer.

Some of the bits ive used, cadian flamer, meltagun, a random bit of kit and the already removed fist from the dread.

The heavy flamer, carefully butchered up and glued underneath. note the tube has been cut off and re positioned.

The magnets for the right hand fist, 2mm wide, 1mm depth, hand drilled with a 2mm drill bit.

And the same magnets used to secure the right arm to allow for a venerable option at a future time.

Oh my, whats this plague marine doing here on the dreddys base....

The big guy himself, lots of finishing touches to do but well on his way, hopefully ill have a finshed photo for you soon.
Note the lack of chapter specific icons etc, i need to make sure he doesnt look too bare so plenty of general imperial icons will be getting added soon.


  1. Awesome idea man, real creative.

  2. Excellent work as always Marc!! What colour is the CSM being painted? :-)

  3. Thanks for your kind comments guys!!