Sunday, 28 August 2011

Of Tanks and Jump Packs

Welcome Win fans!!!

I present a couple of new units for you guys, I know ive been away from you for abit. Im sorry. Real life has been busy at the mo, but you cant stop the hobby!! Just slow it down a bit.

First up, Ive finished a Rhino!! Its only taken me about a year to get round to finishing it. Ho hum.

I think that despite the fact that Rhinos are not that exciting, if you stick a big symbol on the top they can look fantastic. This simple Tactical arrow was made using masking tape. First marking out a triangle at the top with Astronomican Grey and then a rectangle joining once the triangle was dry. Then thin layers of white were built up til I was happy.

Next Ive added 5 more Assault Marines to the 10 I have already. These were done to be added to either of the 5 man squads I already have, so there is no Sarg and the Special weapon has been magnetised for flexibility. 

This squad was made from spare old metal figs I had laying around, Death Company and old 2nd ED Assault Marines. And arms from the Chaos, Death Company and Assault Marine sprues.

All 15 of my Assault Flesh Tearers.

Right, Im moving house in the next couple of weeks but I wont let that stop me!! Im off to plan, strip, make, paint a Multi-Back....

May your Die come up sixes and you never Get Hot!


  1. Nice man really like the Rhino. I did the same thing with mine with the masking tape idea.
    I never knew Imperial Fists were Metallica fans? Just another reason to love 'em haha.

  2. Ha ha, yeah i was going through my transfer pile and couldnt resist it when i saw it!!