Monday, 1 August 2011

You wouldnt like me when im Angry...


I come bearing angels, mostly of the angry variety, some more angry than others, but I shall begin with a Lord of Angels.

I say angels, I should be saying Flesh Tearers really. This is my Captain for my fledgling army. Im basing my force on the Flesh Tearers 1st Company, mainly because the company badge for them is a white skull which I like the look of and the way it matches in with the rest of the colour scheme for them. And I read somewhere that they dont have a dedicated Veteran Company as theres not enough of them!! They are organised more like space wolf great companies instead. Each of the 4 remaining companies with its own veterans and scouts.
His left arm is from the Ultramarines captain, Right from a Terminator, Right pad from the chaos kit to match the left. Head from the deathwatch kit, chest and back from the commander kit and his Jump pack from the Death Company Kit, oh and legs off an Assault Marine!! The jump pack is magnetised so I can run him in a rhino if I want to instead.
The base is weighted with a penny and he is reasonably stable, although im not entirely convinced he isnt slowly falling off. Still its been a few days so i might be imagining it!!

Now to get a bit more Angry!!

You may remember my love for second edition. Well when I played many years ago, one of my favourite characters was Mephiston, and the Mini was awesome too. Well unfortunatly that awesome mini is now one of the few that I think havnt aged well. He is too small and too static in his pose for me. But his background and rules still are awsome. But he wouldnt fit in a Flesh Tearers army, oh what to do!?

Then I saw the angry looking Librarian with the Force Axe in my codex and I knew what had to be done.

When Librarians feel the rage!! A Death Company Librarian!! Mephistons stats and rules are pretty apt for a Lib in the grip of the Rage. So thats what I will prob run this guy as, a cheap option is to run him as a Lib and join the DC. Or I could even just take him as a DC with power wep and Plasma pistol if I really needed to.

Now speaking of Death Company, something I came to realise is that to run my Chap dread as DC Dread I needed 5 DC marines. Now when I built mine I bashed one about and made him a chaplain so I only had 4. OH NO!! So i dug around my bits box and came up with this chap to also join my DC.

The DC were lacking a bit of heavy punch so he got given a power fist from the command sprue (I think) and since he wouldnt get a bonus for an extra CC weapon, but could rapid fire on the charge (since DC are relentless) I gave him a bolter too. Eagle eyed readers will notice that he is an old metal DC. Never throw anything away!!

And since we are on the topic of Death Company, I thought it only fair to show of the rest of the gang.

This next guys my fav so he gets 2 pics!!

And the afore mentioned chaplain.
Head from a chaos marine, Crozius bashed from spares. I painted his Back pack totem to be like the Flesh Tearer symbol.
You cant see it but he has a FT citadel shoulder pad too.

And the whole gang together.

Hope you enjoyed!!

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  1. Awesome Flesh Tearers. I really like your Captain.